MSX Kingdom (MSX王国, Ougoku) is a game that was planned to be released by GR3Project in December 2007, as part of their Farewell Party event. However, it was cancelled because of complications here and there, which is a damn shame - the idea looks really cool.
It's a business managememt game where instead of anything you might think of, you're the king of the MSX kingdom and has to make sure the platform becomes successful (which kind of didn't happen in real life).
Competing against other companies such as NEC, responsible for the PC98 and PCEngine; Nintendo, who needs no introduction; Epoch, who made computers; and Sega. Wait, Sega?? Didn't the MSX have a structure similar to the Master System('s ancestor, SG-1000 at least)? Oh well, I guess they still competed in that time.

For starters, the game was titled "MSX Legend" (MSX伝説, Densetsu) instead, which I like more due to it being more independent from the kingdoms' names. Buuut MSX Kingdom was the name that stuck, and GR3 probably had their reasons for changing it anyway.